Shout Magazine Review

While I was reading my Shout Magazine 2011 , I liked to share some pages about Makeup and Fashion .


Beauty Quiz hehe!
Are you a Make-up Junkie?! Or A Little Lipstick Loopy?! Or A Bare Faced Beauty!? If you are a make-up mad so, you are addicted to make-up , always busy glamming yourself up to the max or forcing your mates to let you give them a makeover . And we wouldn’t be surprised if you even dream about your next beauty buy!!
If you are in between so, you love trying out new make-up looks and Shout’s beauty pages are your fave! You’re all about looking good , and even though you love wearing make-up and you always make sure that you don’t overdo it!!
But what about if you are a bare faced beauty so, you love the natural look and think that wearing mega amounts of make-up can look so uncool! Plastering on the foundation is sooo not your style!!


Say goodbye to your skinnies and hello to flares as 70s style makes its biggest comeback ever! In 2011 , 2012 and maybe 2013 !!
Flares look best worn w/ a pair of heels or wedges!


For sure every Gal has her own favourite beauty goodies! So what’s your must-haves?

Read it and Keep it up inside your wardrobe!! It’s all about You XOXO


This is my Shout!


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